Our Projects



Planning for subdivisions, industrial parks, new and remodeled homes, and schools play a major role at Gookin Engineers, Ltd. We guide these projects through all phases of development. We offer clients the expertise required to prepare a site and topographic survey, a boundary survey, or an ALTA/ACSM survey, grading and drainage plans, drainage reports, and height verification certificates. We can help clients file Section 404 forms for compliance with or exemption from the Clean Water Act of the United States. During construction, we can also provide construction staking services.

Groundwater and Surface Water


Ninety-seven percent of the water available for human use in the Southwest is underground. Gookin Engineers’ clients often need to know how much water is available, its restorative rate, whether health department standards can be met and if pumping the water to the surface is practical or possible. At Gookin Engineers, the studies and reports we prepare make known the conditions of the groundwater resources. We have the expertise and resources required to assist clients in preparing applications for a Certificate of Assured Water Supply.

Arizona has augmented its water supply through completion of the Central Arizona Project. Our founder, William S. Gookin, Sr. was involved with the CAP since the concept was first introduced to the Arizona Legislature in 1940. Since that time, our firm has had more experience dealing with this project than any other firm in the nation. Our clients use this expertise in evaluating their need for CAP water and applying for federal funding through preparing economic analyses, environmental assessments, hydrological and geological studies, design and negotiations.

Water and Sewer Systems


At Gookin Engineers, we have been involved with the supply, treatment, storage and conveyance of water and the construction of sewage disposal systems and reclaimed water systems. Gookin Engineers can provide the engineering, design, and cost analysis required for new or redesigned water and sewer systems.